Madness with Sense


“We achieve happiness when the madness of believing is greater than the reality that we live.”

Madness with Sense is a book born in the midst of the chaos of humanity, the Coronavirus Pandemic. As a balm of hope and love, the author, through testimonies and real-life experiences, shows that it is necessary to have a grade of madness to be able to believe that pain brings wisdom, that losing we win, that your weakness will make you stronger, and that failure comes before success.

If you determine to be irrational and look beyond what your eyes can see, you will comprehend that happiness does not depend on what surrounds you, but of the capacity to believe that everything is possible.

Although the world seems to be upside down and human beings feel they will lose balance before a broken and agonizing society, the madness of the cross, faith, and the in comprehensive Love of God will give sense to your existence.

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