Beverly Ruiz Fuentes


She was born on May 20, 1963 in the city of Brooklyn, New York. She is married, the mother of three children and the grandmother of six grandchildren. She studied Business Administration and currently works as a writer, speaker, lecturer and actress. She began her career as an author on June 2010, writing her first book El Grito, a Christian motivational autobiography. Her experiences have been an inspiration and an example of improvement for thousands of people.

As a result of her success in sales, on January 2014 it began to become known through the press, social networks, radio and television programs and personal presentations with which it reached the sympathy and favorable acceptance of its public.

Some time later, she began to work with different organizations that support abused and battered women. This exposure lead her to become a chaplain of the Government of Puerto Rico, lecturer and speaker. In addition, she was appointed by the Department of Health of the municipality of the indigenous town of Ponce, on the island of Puerto Rico, as the godmother of “Almas Guerreras”, an organization dedicated to offering support to battered and abused women. This organization comprises ten and seven municipalities adjacent to the town of Ponce.

In 2015 he wrote her first manuscript for the play Despeinada, Entre Risas y Vivencias, which was successfully performed at the Alejandro Tapia Theater in old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later, the work was presented in the United States and managed to capture the attention of the press and the media by being the first Latino theater piece to be presented at the Reilly Art Center in Ocala, Florida and at the Miller Center of the Arts, in Philadelphia. Currently, the author presents her new book Madness with Sense, which was born inspired and as a balm for the soul of humanity in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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